Harness the power of
generative AI
for skill assessments.

SFIA GPT logo SFIA GPT is a fine-tuned GPT model designed to conduct skill assessments—starting with the SFIA framework.

SFIA GPT screenshot

SFIA GPT logo SFIA GPT can conduct skill interviews
  1. at scale
  2. remotely
  3. around the clock
  4. in real-time
  5. without human bias
and its assessments are verified by SFIA accredited consultants.

^ just in case

Ditch long interviews , tedious spreadsheets , and rigid questionnaires in favour of personalised and to-the-point questions, for a snappier assessment experience.

SFIA summmary chart

SFIA GPT logo SFIA GPT is currently in a closed beta .
To try it out, please request access by signing in via LinkedIn.

  1. SFIA GPT v1

    Stable API release.

  2. Get accredited by SFIA

    Make SFIA GPT take the accreditation exam and itself become a SFIA consultant.

  3. Add other frameworks

    Add out-of-the-box support for other frameworks such as TOGAF, ITIL, COBIT, etc.

    Adding custom skills is already supported.